16. Authentication and SSOΒΆ

You can configure DeskPRO to allow additional authentication options: instead of using the email/password combination of their DeskPRO account, users and/or agents can sign in with credentials from another source - for example, their account on your intranet, their Twitter account, or a third-party identity management service like OneLogin. This simplifies managing passwords and security settings.

A source of credentials is sometimes called a usersource (whether it is being used to authenticate users or agents).

Some services also provide Single-Sign On or SSO. This means that once the user/agent has signed in with the identity service, if they visit your helpdesk, they will be logged in to DeskPRO automatically.

To add new user sources, you can install and configure authentication apps from Agents > Auth & SSO or Users > Auth & SSO. Note that agent authentication and user authentication are handled separately: if you want to enable the same source for both agents and users, you need to install it for each of them.

When you create users from an external source, you can automatically add them to a usergroup with Grant Usergroup. You can assign agents to add agent permission groups with Auto Agent.

If you want to authenticate users/agents selectively based on their properties, you can filter a usersource.