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Agent Manual
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Agent QuickStart Guide

PDF guide to the basics of using the agent interface.
This is automatically emailed to new agents.

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Full details about how to use DeskPRO as an agent.
Master DeskPRO's market-leading productivity features!

Admin Manual
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Launching Your Helpdesk

Quick 7 step guide.

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Everything you need to know about configuring and running a DeskPRO helpdesk.

Reports Manual
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Get the Reports Manual

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Complete guide to DeskPRO's powerful reporting system.

Includes documentation for the DPQL language used to make custom reports, explained fully for non-programmers.

Reports Manual
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Get the Developer Manual

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Explains how to create apps & widgets to extend DeskPRO functionality, and use our full REST API.

Go to /api/ on your own helpdesk to access an interactive API browser.

Click here for the legacy v3 manual (from 2006).